• Tools for working metal, wire, piping, stone glass, ceramics, plastic
  • Bench and mounting tools
  • Abrasive tools and materials
  • Hand power tools
  • Tools and equipment for car service
  • Hydraulic hand tools
  • Pneumatic hand tools and equipment
  • Precision tools
  • Diamond and carbide tooling
  • Metal cutting tools
  • Equipment and technologies for electrical discharge machining
  • Abrasive blasting equipment
  • Electroplating equipment and technology
  • Laser tools and equipment
  • Sheet metalworking tools and machines
  • Measuring and testing tools and equipment
  • Standardization and quality control
  • Gardening tools and equipment
  • Welding equipment and consumables
  • Forestry equipment
  • Building and assembling equipment
  • Painting tools
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Fasteners, finish hardware
  • Fittings
  • Containers and package, devices for workshops and warehouses
  • Working clothes and safety equipment
  • Scientific and technical literature, specialized media


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