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Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner: RATPE Association Association of Trading Companies and Manufactures of Power Tools. The primary objective of the Association is formation and development of a civilized market of power tools and labour saving devices ("LSD") by means of: 1. Industry infrastructure development; 2. Formation of civilized relationship with state authorities (legal, custom, tax and bank bodies); 3. Development of business protecting conditions against high risks; 4. Protection of Association members against unfair competition and consumers against low quality products by means of technologies, struggle against counterfeit products. Website: www.ratpe.ru

Information Sponsor

Information Sponsor "POTREBITEL" (Consumer) is a series of magazines published since 1996. "Instrumenty" (Tools) magazine is dedicated to electric and hand tools, fixtures, measuring instruments, machine tools, generators, welding equipment, compressors and pneumatic tools. "GardenTools" magazine covers garden technology and tools: lawn mowers, trimmers, tractors, chain saws, brush cutters, blowers, cultivators, snow cleaners, pumps, irrigation equipment etc. "Vso dlya stroyki i remonta" (Everything for construction and repair) magazine is dedicated to heating and water supply, air conditioning and ventilation, electricity, plumbing, construction chemistry, construction and finishing materials.
www.master-forum.ru is an official website of "Instrumenty" (Tools), "GardenTools", "Vso dlya stroyki i remonta" (Everything for construction and repair) magazines of "POTREBITEL" (Consumer) series. All about tools, garden equipment, equipment for construction and repair. Main sections: news, photo reports, interviews, articles, results of independent tests, master classes, useful links, photo and video gallery, forum. Information about publishing new "POTREBITEL" (Consumer) magazines, and archive in pdf format.

МБМ («Малый бизнес Москвы») – единый портал по взаимодействию бизнеса и власти, который работает связующим звеном между предпринимателем и городом.

На сайте mbm.mos.ru вы сможете найти полную исчерпывающую информацию о том, как город помогает столичным предпринимателям, самозанятым и тем, кто только начинает деятельность в сфере бизнеса:
  • образовательная поддержка: бесплатные вебинары, онлайн-курсы, акселераторы, а также «Стартап-школа МБМ» и «Онлайн-Академия МБМ»;
  • финансовая поддержка бизнеса: поручительство по кредиту, субсидии для разных сфер бизнеса, льготные займы;
  • имущественная поддержка бизнеса: помощь в поиске городских и коммерческих помещений для бизнеса, программы льготной аренды;
  • бесплатные онлайн-сервисы и онлайн-услуги для решения актуальных бизнес-задач;
  • бесплатные консультации по открытию и ведению бизнеса.

Информационные партнёры

FORUMHOUSE is one of the major portals in Russia dedicated to construction and country living, visited by more than 3 million people a month. Here you can address your questions to summer residents and professional builders, and discuss a variety of topics related to construction, repair or maintenance of a country house, as well as garden issues.

Information Partners

Independent magazine dedicated to the global tools, equipment and consumables manufacturers. Our independent trials and tests, as well as practical advices will help you make the right choice in the vast world of tools. The magazine has been designed for both professional and non-professional masters. Website www.mirxu.com
WOOD - Master is a magazine for self-made wood products in classical style, as well as new ideas and modern trends in woodworking.
The magazine "Master and Workshop" was conceived and dedicated to all who love or want to learn to master with their hands. The vast majority of editorial materials tell about the carpentry business: its peculiarities, the technologies used, the secrets of skill, the great variety of tools and, of course, the unique people who are engaged in the creation of original wood products. The publication is part of the holding RUBANKOV, which not only offers in its stores all the tools necessary for the carpentry, but also established in St. Petersburg its own production under the trademark PETROGRAD. The slogan of RUBANKOV - "Revival of the Carpentry Business" - is also one of the main goals of the magazine. Therefore, his work is aimed at bringing together on one platform all those interested in the development of carpentry craft in our country.
"Oborudovaniye i instrument dlya professionalov. Metalloobrabotka" (Equipment and tools for professionals." Metalworking) is international information and technical full-colour magazine published since 2000, 6 times a year, 120 pages, A4format, circulation: 10,000 copies. Target audience: managers, chief power engineers, technologists, mechanics, welders, metrologists, suppliers of machine-building plants, metallurgical, construction and other industrial enterprises, sellers of equipment, tools and materials, industry-specific educational and scientific institutes. Distribution: 4,000 copies- subscription, 2,000-4,000 copies- at exhibitions, conferences and seminars in Ukraine, Russia in Belarus, Germany, Italy, 2,000-4,000 - mailing by own database(up to 20,000 addresses), 2,000 - on CDs. Sections: metalworking and welding technology, machine tools, equipment, tools, casting, metallurgy, hydraulics, pneumatics, control, diagnostics, CAD / CAM / CAE, materials, components, coatings, exhibitions, conferences, industry-specific events.
The “Krepozh, klei, instrument i…” (Fastening, glues, tools and ...) magazine has been published since 2002 and contains information on fastening elements and systems, basic reference materials, information on modern products, mounting technologies, etc. The magazine passed expert examination at the All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and its materials are regularly published in the Abstract Journal of the All-Russian Institute of Scientific Research. The magazine’s partners are the leading foreign and Russian manufacturers and sellers of fasteners, glue materials, tools, as well as foreign specialized publications. Editorial subscription and PDF-version are available on the magazine’s website www.fastinfo.ru The “Krepozh, klei, instrument i…” magazine is a co-organizer of the specialized seminars and conferences, and the General Information Partner of Fastener Fair Russia.
Vestnik Industriy Publishing House publishes informational and analytical magazines Vestnik promyshlennosti, biznesa i finansov - on key sectors of domestic industry, innovation, business services and financial analytics, and Interregional Industry and Trade - is devoted to industrial and trade cooperation of Russian regions with Kazakhstan, Belarus, CIS countries and far abroad. Newspapers “Industry Herald” and “Business Herald”. Topics: agribusiness, mechanical engineering, industrial equipment, etc.
Internet portal "Postavshchiki mashin i oborudovaniya" (Suppliers of machinery and equipment) www.oborudunion.ru is the leading Russian website for selling equipment, machine tools and engineering products.
The Kovalevsky Publishing House specializes in publishing B2B printed catalogues and Internet projects for machine building, wholesale trade, and construction industries. "Postavshchiki mashin i oborudovaniya" (Suppliers of machinery and equipment) www.oborudunion.ru is the largest b2b platform for the selling equipment, machinery, engineering products in Russia. "Optovaya torgovlya — Optovyye postavshchiki" (Wholesale trade - Wholesale suppliers) www.opt-union.ru is a b2b system of electronic wholesale trading. "Professionaly stroitel'nogo rynka" (Professionals of the construction market) www.stroy-union.ru is a b2b platform for selling building materials, construction equipment and machinery, construction industry products.
Enex is an online exhibition of tool manufacturers with the function of a b2b marketplace. The virtual exhibition of tool manufacturers is a convenient interactive space with wide opportunities for any participant. Thanks to the functionality of the Enex exhibition, manufacturers can themselves post information about their company, publish news, and present their product catalogs. Visitors to the exhibition have a unique opportunity to see up-to-date information about the presented tool manufacturers, and if necessary, contact any of them.
All-Russian specialized magazine dedicated to energy and electrical engineering, 17 years on the industrial information market, diploma holder of major industrial exhibitions and forums, leader in the specialized press market. The general partner of the publication is www.prompages.ru, the leading industrial portal of Russia.
MASTERGRAD is the oldest, and one of the largest portals about Construction and Repair.

2,200,000 unique visitors per month.

Portrait of MASTERGRAD user: 66% of men, average age 34-40 years. Modern Kulibins, but also professional masters we have registered more than 150,000. Active life position, search for the best solutions and new technologies are characteristic of our users.

Every month, 7,000 new registrations take place on the portal;

More than 600 new pages are created;

Interests of audience:

Repair of apartments, construction of houses, construction of the site, selection of tools, engineering communications.

Our resources: forum, blogs, articles, video portal, market.

Our audience is waiting for useful and necessary information from manufacturers of tools, construction materials and engineering communications
The “Promyshlennyy vestnik” (Industrial Herald) magazine the eponymous web portal ПВ.РФ is an advertising and information project for the heads of enterprises and technical management that provides the latest information and the most important news in industry, economics, business and finance. Articles, analytics and comments are prepared by leading experts and professional journalists, and include interviews with top officials and chief executives, surveys, overviews of recent achievements, catalogues of industry-specific products and services, investment potential of the Russian regions, global economy trends, stock market reports, banks, funds, investments.

Агентство информационных технологий «АИТЭРА»

Агентство информационных технологий «АИТЭРА» более 20 лет специализируется на рынке деловой информации и много лет выпускает электронные справочники: Флеш и CD-базы данных предприятий по России по различным отраслям, издает четыре раза в год справочники по выставкам с пригласительными билетами и каталог «ExpoЦентры. Энциклопедия выставок», в которых размещается статистика и аналитические материалы по выставкам.

The biggest knowledge base on modern building materials for professionals.
"Elec.ru" information agency has been working in the electrical engineering market for 17 years. It is an expert in creating effective advertising campaigns through actual content, social networks, proper use of the search engines potential. Agency’s information resources: Elec.ru Internet portal, “Elektrotekhnicheskiy rynok” (Electrotechnical market) magazine.
Portal and newspaper "Repair in Moscow"—repair and arrangement of premises, finishing and construction materials, construction, apartments and country houses.

Отраслевое печатное издание АиС (Архитектура и строительство) – информационно-аналитический журнал, ориентированный на развитие архитектурно-строительных комплексов Урала и Сибири, межрегиональный и международный обмен профессиональной информацией между инвесторами, архитекторами, строителями, производителями и поставщиками материалов, технологий и оборудования. Тираж 5000 экз.

Портал Sectormedia.ru СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО – специализированная интернет-площадка, ориентированная на специалистов отраслевых компаний, место для профессиональных дискуссий, круглых столов и обмена опытом. Более 15000 уникальных посетителей профессиональной, заинтересованной аудитории.
Construction Internet Portal ALL FOR CONSTRUCTION—a unique catalogue of construction companies, construction materials and services. Our audience: heads of enterprises, sales, procurement departments, middle management, specialists of construction, installation organizations and housing and communal services structures, developers and craftsmen, those who build and repair. 50000 offers of goods and services, 55000 E-mail weekly newsletter addresses by subscriber base, 23000 Partner Construction Companies

M2rent - online analysis and aggregator of commercial real estate.

The service automates the search and sale of commercial real estate using modern technologies:

1) The most up-to-date information for each of the objects in the database, including the entire range of potential tenants and buyers.

2) Current rental rates and prices for the sale of objects with the possibility of finding a fair price, through auction.

3) Detailed characteristics of all commercial real estate with a unique online analysis service.

Site m2rent.ru/

Получай самую полную и свежую информацию о строительстве в России. Сервис Всем Подряд собирает сведения о всех стройках, заказчиках, генподрядчиках и субподрядчиках. Здесь вы найдете контактные данные, телефоны, ИНН, e-mail всех участников строительной отрасли. Узнаете, кто и чем занят сейчас, а также в чем нуждается.

Сейчас доступны разделы:

  • Победители и участники тендеров. Свежие данные каждый день по 223 и 44 ФЗ, коммерческие торги с самых популярных ЭТП. Предложите свою помощь в выполнении контракта победителям закупок
  • Торги и тендеры. Текущие торги строительной тематики, удобно сортированные по категориям и регионам. Ознакомьтесь с подробным описанием торга и примите решение об участии
  • Заявки на субподряд. Прямые заявки на субподряд в твоем регионе. Оставляй заявку на поиск исполнителя или ищи заказы в строительной отрасли
  • Карта строек. Все данные о новостройках по всей России — узнайте информацию о застройщиках и строящихся объектах
  • Профессиональная карта строек. Промышленные и социальные объекты, дороги и инфраструктура Москвы, но скоро будут доступны и другие регионы
  • Объявления. Возможность размещения бесплатных тематических объявлений. Предлагайте свои услуги или продавайте строительные материалы

Мы постоянно развиваемся, поэтому разделы регулярно улучшаются и пополняются.

The Association of Engineers in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas, Heat, Cold, Energy, Water Supply and Water Disposal, Construction Thermophysics, Automation of Systems and Environmental Protection brings together more than 200 companies and industry specialists. Activity: 1. issue of magazines: "Engineering Systems" - circulation of 9,000 copies, the target audience of designers, specialists in the field of engineering systems; "Engineering systems. Reconstruction and operation "- circulation 9000, target audience - specialists of operation services, chief engineers, chief power engineers of enterprises; 2. issue of the annual catalogue "Engineering Systems. Companies and specialists of the North-West "; 3. organization of collective stands at exhibitions; 4. holding seminars, conferences, presentations; 5. publication of professional and journalistic literature; 6. Advice on the activities of the Association. 197342, St. Petersburg, Serdobolskaya St., d.65, lit. And Ph. +7 812 336 9560 Е-mail: avoknw@avoknw.ru www.avoknw.ru
Site avoknw.ru
EXPOSALE.net is a global exhibition search system around the world. The platform is aimed at promoting international exhibition events aimed at popularizing exhibition projects connected to our system. EXPOSALE.net processes and sends to organizers hundreds of applications from potential participants of international exhibitions every day.
Exhibition portal "Moscow Exhibitions" is one of the most authoritative industry Internet resources. There is always current information about exhibitions in the main Moscow exhibition centers, as well as related other interesting events and objects.
Important events of the Moscow poster, which take place on other platforms, also receive detailed and timely coverage on the portal pages, such as those reflected in the popular section "exhibitions and museums of the Moscow Kremlin."
"Кабель.РФ" today is one of the leading suppliers of electrical products in the Russian market and a recognized expert in the cable industry. Primary activity of the company is delivery of cable and conduction products, products for installation and laying of a cable. As a dealer and official partner of the largest Russian plants, Кабель.РФ offers customers high-quality, certified products from warehouses located in the cities of Russia, as well as under order for production. The company "Кабель.РФ" values the time of the client and strives to make cooperation comfortable and productive!
Site cable.ru
The BIBOSS business portal is a website for entrepreneurs. Catalogue of franchises, wholesale suppliers and goods, investment search, useful content for start-up businessmen and much more.
Single phone number: 8 800 555-08-50

«Загородный» —телеканал о жизни за городом в лучшем ее проявлении, с доступной подачей материала и практичностью его применения. Загородное пространство, интерьеры загородных домов, самые полезные советы по садоводству и обустройству загородного участка.

"TECHSOVET premium": specialists for specialists. Technology, equipment, materials, industry services. The primary goal is to help companies in choosing products, services, reliable business partners. Sections: People of Business, Energy, Industrial Zone, Oil and Gas, Construction, Special Machinery.
The publishing company "Almega" LLC presents to you its new resource - electronic version of business magazine POINT SUPPORT.
Relevant materials from press conferences, briefings held by the heads of leading ministries and departments of various industries are published on the pages of the magazine.

"BEST-STROY.RU" construction portal is one of the most popular information resources in construction. For 15 years, with the help of the portal, thousands of companies have found their customers and concluded profitable deals. Our partners appreciate its advertising opportunities for promoting their brands and products on the market. BEST-STROY.RU is a platform where the customers find their suppliers, and the sellers - their main buyers. In addition, the portal publishes latest industry news, reviews of popular tools and other products of the leading modern building materials manufacturers, and overviews of the latest trends in construction, interior decoration and landscape design.
Construction Newspaper is one of the oldest industry publications in Russia. It has been published since 1923. Since June 2015, after rebranding, SG has been released in a fundamentally new graphic and information format. The newspaper positions itself as a В2В publication and covers a wide range of topics related to construction, production of building materials, housing and utilities, architecture.
This is a specialized industry Internet portal, the purpose of which is to provide all players of the electrical market with a convenient information and commercial platform
Magazine-reference "Market of Electrical Engineering". A unique industry reference book containing in each issue of the article, overview and analytical materials about the electrical market, as well as an address and telephone directory of electrical companies. The largest circulation in the industry.
Allfairs.ru is a project of professionals of exhibition business of Russia, which aims to provide high-quality, timely and comprehensive information about various exhibition events of Russia and the world.

Industrial Weekly has been in circulation since 2002 and has become a multi-purpose inter-industry platform for Russian industrialists and government representatives. It is circulated all over Russia. The aim of the edition is to present most promising projects and potentials of the Russian industry and energy sector in the national and international markets. Extends across all Russia. Subscription index: П7282 through the website of the “Russian Post”. Email subscription. version: podpiska@promweekly.ru

LLC "COMPOSITE XXI Century" (Moscow) publishes information scientific and technical subscription journals:

Construction materials, equipment, technologies of the XXI century, circulation 15 thousand copies http://www.stroymat21.ru

"Concrete technologies," circulation 15 thousand copies. http://www.tehnobeton.ru/

"Roofing and insulation materials," circulation 15 thousand copies http://www.krovizomat.ru/

"Dry building mixtures," circulation 15 thousand http://www.buildmix.ru.
The Journal is a federal publication with up-to-date information on the latest technologies used in the construction industry, experience of federal and foreign partners, information on the work of managing companies of housing and utilities, new technologies and construction materials, infrastructure development and implementation of investment programs. A special place in the journal is occupied by regional blocks with information on the development of the industry in the main constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In each issue, the magazine publishes the opinion of its readers and their feedback on the materials released.
DivoStroy - information and trade portal for construction, where you can find construction companies of your region, announcements, prices, video material, ratings and reviews of consumers, construction calculation of many directions. News and articles about construction, repair, construction and finishing materials, raw materials, construction equipment and services in the field of construction, design and design, installation, maintenance of engineering and intelligent systems.

DivoStroy - We are surprised in construction together!
"DESIGNER" is a leading international online resource created by the designers to their colleagues and technical specialists:
Monthly online resource "DESIGNER" is visited by approximately 525 000 of users who make more than 840 000 page views. Daily attendance of the project amounts to more than 18,000 unique users.
www.proektant.org - forums for designers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan (14 international forums in different areas of design)
www.proektant.by - website of designers of Belarus.
www.proektant.ru - website of designers of Russia.
www.proektant.kz - website of designers of Kazakhstan.
www.proektant.ua - website of designers of Ukraine.
Published since 2006.
The circulation of the paper version is 8,000 copies; the circulation of the electronic version is more than 80,000 copies. A4 format. Volume 52-72 pages. Issued 8 times a year.
Contents: Engineering, Engineering systems, Automation systems, Welding equipment, Energy.
Distributed throughout Russia.
The TotalExpo project is a specialized exhibition portal where you can find information about exhibitions on various industry sectors, forums and other events taking place in Russia and in the world. "TotalExpo" is a guide in the world of exhibitions, conferences and business trips. Every day our specialists provide visitors with information on various congress and exhibition events. You can follow our news on Twitter.
The main task of the International portal "HELPINVER - open a new Russia!" (HELPINVER.COM) show what Russia really represents, show Russian organizations of various spheres of activity and IP, in Russia and abroad. And also show international organizations that want to work with Russian partners.

The portal presents leaders and organizations that want to change the perception of Russia in the world. On its concrete examples to show real Russia: its capabilities and needs. The project is attended by subjects of the Russian Federation, hundreds of municipalities of the Russian Federation (municipal districts and urban districts), organizations of various spheres of activity and IP. We believe that every Russian citizen, in the near future, will be proud of his country. But this feeling must be shaped by the knowledge of its country, its regions and organizations.

We invite leaders interested in the development of their organizations and Russia to become participants of our portal, and to tell what your organization is doing.
Jooble is a site designed for a single purpose: to help you find decent work.
On Joble you will find all current vacancies in Russia. On the search results page you will receive links to the most suitable vacancies for your request from many employment sites in Russia. We tried to make Jooble so that it saves your time and effort as much as possible and, by entering one request, you found a job that suits you. We have created many tools for easy search and accuracy of its results. Advanced search as well as many additional filters will help you quickly find your dream job. The only condition is that such work should in principle exist.

Here at MITEX we are thrilled to announce that we are now partnered with the UK’s Largest International Showcase of fastening and fixing solutions, @TheFastenerExpo! The event takes place on the 11th and 12th September at the NEC Birmingham, and plays host to over 100 suppliers of the world’s leading fastening innovations, as well as an incredible list of speakers. See you there! #TheFastenerExpo

Вода «STELMAS Zn Se» относится к водам малой минерализации, поэтому ее прием в количестве 2 литров в день позволит избежать обезвоживания - основной причины потери здоровья.

Istanbul Hardware Show

Istanbul Hardware Show


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