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Strategic Partner: RATPE Association Association of Trading Companies and Manufactures of Power Tools. The primary objective of the Association is formation and development of a civilized market of power tools and labour saving devices ("LSD") by means of: 1. Industry infrastructure development; 2. Formation of civilized relationship with state authorities (legal, custom, tax and bank bodies); 3. Development of business protecting conditions against high risks; 4. Protection of Association members against unfair competition and consumers against low quality products by means of technologies, struggle against counterfeit products. Website: www.ratpe.ru

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Information Sponsor "POTREBITEL" (Consumer) is a series of magazines published since 1996. "Instrumenty" (Tools) magazine is dedicated to electric and hand tools, fixtures, measuring instruments, machine tools, generators, welding equipment, compressors and pneumatic tools. "GardenTools" magazine covers garden technology and tools: lawn mowers, trimmers, tractors, chain saws, brush cutters, blowers, cultivators, snow cleaners, pumps, irrigation equipment etc. "Vso dlya stroyki i remonta" (Everything for construction and repair) magazine is dedicated to heating and water supply, air conditioning and ventilation, electricity, plumbing, construction chemistry, construction and finishing materials.
www.master-forum.ru is an official website of "Instrumenty" (Tools), "GardenTools", "Vso dlya stroyki i remonta" (Everything for construction and repair) magazines of "POTREBITEL" (Consumer) series. All about tools, garden equipment, equipment for construction and repair. Main sections: news, photo reports, interviews, articles, results of independent tests, master classes, useful links, photo and video gallery, forum. Information about publishing new "POTREBITEL" (Consumer) magazines, and archive in pdf format.

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FORUMHOUSE is one of the major portals in Russia dedicated to construction and country living, visited by more than 3 million people a month. Here you can address your questions to summer residents and professional builders, and discuss a variety of topics related to construction, repair or maintenance of a country house, as well as garden issues.

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Mastergrad.com is the Russia's largest community of professionals in construction, repair and DIY. The portal contains a forum, blogs, a marketplace and a master order service. Over 15 years Mastergrad.com (ex-Mastercity.ru) has accumulated a lot of articles, reviews, tests and advices on DIY topics. The website is visited by more than 4 million people a month. Our users can exchange opinions, knowledge and experience here. In addition, they have an opportunity to communicate directly with the leading DIY market players.

Information Partners

Independent magazine dedicated to the global tools, equipment and consumables manufacturers. Our independent trials and tests, as well as practical advices will help you make the right choice in the vast world of tools. The magazine has been designed for both professional and non-professional masters. Website www.mirxu.com
"DrelDodyr" is a specialized glossy magazine dedicated to power tools, equipment and labour-saving devices. The magazine has been published in partnership with the RATPE since 2008 (www.ratpe.ru/magazine). "DrelDodyr" is a leading edition for the power tool industry professionals and enthusiasts working in construction and repair. The magazine represents an objective viewpoint based on the results of own research and tests, as well as surveys, new products overviews, recommendations for choosing power tools and equipment, feedbacks of construction companies, professionals and enthusiasts, objective tests and master classes.
WOOD - Master is a magazine for self-made wood products in classical style, as well as new ideas and modern trends in woodworking.
ProfiToolInfo.ru is an information Internet portal about equipment and tools for construction and repair. News of companies and brands, articles, promotions and special offers as well as new products overview, a forum for professionals, videos, product and brand presentations.
"Oborudovaniye i instrument dlya professionalov. Metalloobrabotka" (Equipment and tools for professionals." Metalworking) is international information and technical full-colour magazine published since 2000, 6 times a year, 120 pages, A4format, circulation: 10,000 copies. Target audience: managers, chief power engineers, technologists, mechanics, welders, metrologists, suppliers of machine-building plants, metallurgical, construction and other industrial enterprises, sellers of equipment, tools and materials, industry-specific educational and scientific institutes. Distribution: 4,000 copies- subscription, 2,000-4,000 copies- at exhibitions, conferences and seminars in Ukraine, Russia in Belarus, Germany, Italy, 2,000-4,000 - mailing by own database(up to 20,000 addresses), 2,000 - on CDs. Sections: metalworking and welding technology, machine tools, equipment, tools, casting, metallurgy, hydraulics, pneumatics, control, diagnostics, CAD / CAM / CAE, materials, components, coatings, exhibitions, conferences, industry-specific events.
The “Krepozh, klei, instrument i…” (Fastening, glues, tools and ...) magazine has been published since 2002 and contains information on fastening elements and systems, basic reference materials, information on modern products, mounting technologies, etc. The magazine passed expert examination at the All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and its materials are regularly published in the Abstract Journal of the All-Russian Institute of Scientific Research. The magazine’s partners are the leading foreign and Russian manufacturers and sellers of fasteners, glue materials, tools, as well as foreign specialized publications. Editorial subscription and PDF-version are available on the magazine’s website www.fastinfo.ru The “Krepozh, klei, instrument i…” magazine is a co-organizer of the specialized seminars and conferences, and the General Information Partner of Fastener Fair Russia.
Internet portal "Postavshchiki mashin i oborudovaniya" (Suppliers of machinery and equipment) www.oborudunion.ru is the leading Russian website for selling equipment, machine tools and engineering products.
The Kovalevsky Publishing House specializes in publishing B2B printed catalogues and Internet projects for machine building, wholesale trade, and construction industries. "Postavshchiki mashin i oborudovaniya" (Suppliers of machinery and equipment) www.oborudunion.ru is the largest b2b platform for the selling equipment, machinery, engineering products in Russia. "Optovaya torgovlya — Optovyye postavshchiki" (Wholesale trade - Wholesale suppliers) www.opt-union.ru is a b2b system of electronic wholesale trading. "Professionaly stroitel'nogo rynka" (Professionals of the construction market) www.stroy-union.ru is a b2b platform for selling building materials, construction equipment and machinery, construction industry products.
Metal Expo magazine is an all-Russian information and analytical publication and one of the leaders of specialized mass media in the market. The magazine has been working in the machine-building and metallurgy market for 13 years. The magazine participates in the major industry-specific trade exhibitions and forums, and is a General partner of www.prompages.ru , the leading industrial web portal in Russia.
The “Promyshlennyy vestnik” (Industrial Herald) magazine the eponymous web portal ПВ.РФ is an advertising and information project for the heads of enterprises and technical management that provides the latest information and the most important news in industry, economics, business and finance. Articles, analytics and comments are prepared by leading experts and professional journalists, and include interviews with top officials and chief executives, surveys, overviews of recent achievements, catalogues of industry-specific products and services, investment potential of the Russian regions, global economy trends, stock market reports, banks, funds, investments.
The biggest knowledge base on modern building materials for professionals.
“Vash Dom” (Your Home) project is an Internet tool for the building products and services market. Manufacturers, suppliers, stores, construction organizations and repair teams post here information about their companies, current price lists, and news.
"Promyshlennyy yezhenedelnik" (Industrial Weekly) is an independent all-Russian inter-industry newspaper, published since 16 December 2002. The target audience of the newspaper is the leaders of Russian industrial and energy enterprises, representatives of federal authorities that form and implement the Russian industrial policy, public business organizations, unions of commodity producers, managers, engineers, and a wide range of readers interested in objective analytics, news and information on Russian industry and energetics development, innovations, and application of the latest scientific developments.
"Elec.ru" information agency has been working in the electrical engineering market for 17 years. It is an expert in creating effective advertising campaigns through actual content, social networks, proper use of the search engines potential. Agency’s information resources: Elec.ru Internet portal, “Elektrotekhnicheskiy rynok” (Electrotechnical market) magazine.
Журнал, ориентированный на помощь руководителям предприятий в решении проблем покупки, продажи, ремонта и модернизации станков и металлообрабатывающего оборудования. Обеспечивает выход на качественную аудиторию с высоким индексом соответствия по отрасли и уровню образования. Распространяется на специализированных выставках, семинарах, конференциях России и Европы. Успех вашей рекламной кампании базируется на том положительном опыте, который накоплен журналом «Станочный ПАРК» за 15 лет присутствия на рынке. Свою благодарность за профессиональную работу и положительные результаты выразили десятки руководителей предприятий России и крупнейших выставок, которые воспользовались возможностями журнала.
ABRAZIVY information portal is an industry-specific B2B and B2C resource dedicated to tools, equipment, material processing and cutting technology, as well as products and services, reference information, events calendar.
stanokgid.ru portal is dedicated to industrial and specialized machine tools, their equipment and components. Easy available information related to drilling, turning, milling and other machine tools, how to choose them, use and repair.
StroyDvor information portal is dedicated to engineering systems and networks: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sewerage, water supply and electricity. http://strojdvor.ru
"TECHSOVET premium": specialists for specialists. Technology, equipment, materials, industry services. The primary goal is to help companies in choosing products, services, reliable business partners. Sections: People of Business, Energy, Industrial Zone, Oil and Gas, Construction, Special Machinery.
"BEST-STROY.RU" construction portal is one of the most popular information resources in construction. For 15 years, with the help of the portal, thousands of companies have found their customers and concluded profitable deals. Our partners appreciate its advertising opportunities for promoting their brands and products on the market. BEST-STROY.RU is a platform where the customers find their suppliers, and the sellers - their main buyers. In addition, the portal publishes latest industry news, reviews of popular tools and other products of the leading modern building materials manufacturers, and overviews of the latest trends in construction, interior decoration and landscape design.
Stroyizdat Panorama Publishing House publishes a series of magazines dedicated to the diverse areas of construction industry, as well as housing and communal services.
GeneralExpo.ru is an exhibition portal for professionals: exhibition organizers, owners of the fairgrounds, exhibition companies and exhibitors. A key feature of GeneralExpo.ru is an opportunity to add and get information on your own and for free.
The TotalExpo project is a specialized exhibition portal where you can find information about exhibitions on various industry sectors, forums and other events taking place in Russia and in the world. "TotalExpo" is a guide in the world of exhibitions, conferences and business trips. Every day our specialists provide visitors with information on various congress and exhibition events. You can follow our news on Twitter.

Istanbul Hardware Show

Istanbul Hardware Show

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