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Patrol Group is a leader on the domestic market of plastic products, mainly toolboxes. For the past 30 years it was also successfully competing on global markets, including Europe, America and Asia. The company also offers organizers, building casters and buckets, as well as composters and pots. To ensure the highest quality our products are under regular control of both internal quality assurance department and outside auditors supervision and certification. For the sake of our enviroment, we also use recycles metarials. Many years of our expierience in the production of plastic, months of design and testing have led us to create a completely new class professional, ultrastrong and innovative mobile set of toolboxes under the Qbrick System brand. The team of experienced and creative specialists is constantly improving and expanding its product offer, ensuring satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Qbrick System brand is a game changing opening in professional systems of storage and transport of tools.

It is the ultimate sum of experience we gathered for over 30 years of interactions with our clients and researching the market, built in order to deliver the best possible product, enhancing effectiveness and comfort in clients’ everyday work and hobbies. We know how important mobility, reliability and optimal usage of space is, thus we put most emphasis on designing the most thoughtful and ergonomic solutions for our modular toolboxes.

Every line of products we put out on the market is designed in a way that fulfils each and every expectation of varying tradesmen. Every product is completely modular and compatible with rest of products within each system we produce, therefore it is possible to create your own sets and combinations, best suited for your needs, out of modular pieces we provide.



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